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“The Increased Automation & Technology focus in Hospitality Industry: demands & new skill sets”

Panellist from left ( Dr. Vijay Choudhary, CTO, HRH Hotels, Mr. Vinayak Sane MD & Principal Consultant Elmark Engineers, Arch. Vivek Kishore, Principal Architect Finer Edge , Mr. Sanjay Bobhate Sr. GM - Operations & Maintenance, Antilia (Reliance Industries), Mr.Ashwin Inamdar General Manager – West, Honeywell Building Solutions moderated by Mr Ravish Jhala, IT expert:

October 06th 2018, Mumbai: The 3rd Hotelier India BEAMS 2018 edition (Building, Electrical, Air-conditioning, Maintenance & Safety) Powered by Hotel Chief Engineers Association – AWESOME was a full day conference with a keen focus on energy conservation and technology. On Technology the panel discussion done on key aspects i.e. increased automation and technology focus in hospitality industry where the panellist discussed about new technology trends like IOT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial intelligence), Robotics, Wireless communications, Machine learning, Mobility and most important the role of Technology as a growth engine in industry. The panel also discussed how the technology focus will demand new skill sets to adopt and maintain the technology; which is also a big challenge in industry. Attended by the Top level Tech executives from India’s leading hotels and commercial complexes, multiplexes, malls and hospitals shared their experiences and best practices.

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From a Hotel to an ‘Intelligent Tech-Responsive itHotel’

My Article covers how Technology impacting hospitality industry by 2030 where the formula for success in this industry would be ‘Embracing Technology’ and making it a face of your business:

Though Technology is an integral part of any Hotel operations from last 3 decades. There have been tremendous changes/disruptions/innovation noticed in Hospitality Technologies continue and intensity of the same is very high in recent past with the advent of various automation and technology oriented process mapping. Hotel’s Information Technology arm, IT Department was earlier a back office department where IT had to run and support business from back end. Now it seems a front end department which is highly responsible for Business Operations, Customer acquisition/retention and its success, highly impacting revenues and cost optimizations and its related KPIs.

From a Hotel to an ‘Intelligent Tech-Responsive itHotel’

(Hospitality CIOs Perspectives and their readiness)

With the advent of following continue; the value kept adding in IT portfolio in hospitality industry:
1. Internet-of-Things
2. Artificial Intelligence / Big Data / Robotics / Industry 4.0 revolution
3. Machine Learning,
4. Importance and Consumption of API (Application Programme Interface)
5. Block Chain
6. Other Technologies impacting Hotel Industry
It seems the technology will more be infused in hospitality business in the coming decade and giving below detailed touch points where Hospitality industry would be embracing the technology for efficiency to continue increase and cost to optimize.
1. Internet-of-Things
The IOT and sustainable hospitality where the key areas to implement would be Energy management functions, Hotel Operation services to gain Operational efficiency, improved customer services are the main advantage by IOT implementation in hospitality.
IOT Innovations in Hospitality Industry:
a) Auto Check-in: Evident innovation would be smartphone-enabled and automated check-in service. When a guest is nearby to the hotel, the smartphone's app could automatically send a message to the hotel alerting them that arrival is about to happen, and check-in would be spontaneous and transparent. Such an innovation would be more convenient for the guest and would save costs for the Hotels.
b) IoT enabling efficient HVAC system : Huge costing saving by auto alerts of energy consumptions
c) IoT enabled door locks: It would be more secure and most appropriate for future cost saving and analysis of guest movement in/out of the property.
2. Artificial Intelligence / Big Data / Robotics / Industry 4.0 revolution
AI is an integral part of big data and industry 4.0 revolution.
AI Importance in the Hospitality Industry
Artificial intelligence is playing a gradually important role in the hospitality industry, primarily because of its ability to perform traditionally human functions at any time of the day. This potentially means that hotel operators can save substantial money, deliver superior service and eliminate frequent human error to improve quality in delivering services to the Guest.

Examples of How to Use Artificial Intelligence within the Hospitality Industry Although the use of AI within the hotel industry is still in its comparative with other industry at a beginning stage, it already has several practical applications, some of which are defined in more detail below:
a. Messaging with Chatbots
Perhaps the most apparent way artificial intelligence can be deployed by those within the hospitality industry is for customer facing services. AI has been extremely effective when it comes to online chat services and direct messaging, responding to simple routine questions or requests like FAQs.
b. In-Person Customer/Guest Service
The best example of this so far has been an AI robot Watson enabled called ‘Connie’, adopted by Hilton. The robot is Watson enabled concierge; able to provide tourist information to customers who interact with it.
c. AI in Hotel Data Analysis
Another way in which AI is being applied within the hotel industry is data analysis. In this capability, the technology can be used to quickly organize huge amounts of data and draw decision oriented important insights about customers, or potential customers.
Hotels use AI to go beyond just the customer experience. By utilizing powerful, artificially intelligent software, hotels can even capture information on potential customer purchases, their location preferences, and frequent travel patterns.
d. Acceptance of Robots in Hotels :
Hotel Check-in Desks, Room Services, Hotel Porters, waiters . Robots assists the front desk by picking up and delivering guest amenities, moving linens and towels from laundry to Guest rooms, fitness centres and more.
3. Machine learning importance in Hotels and its adoption process
ML is widely used in revenue management technologies where demand forecast and supply availability factors are well determine and predicted.
The optimum utilization of hotel resources are planned using big data based on ML algorithms which encompasses with understanding relationship v/s demand and prices which ultimately formulate revenue strategy.
4. The importance of API in Hotel industry
Hospitality industry is known for its early adoption of APIs and its related innovations. The APIs plays very important role in connecting and communicating between PMS,POS, MMS, RMS, GDS and CM (Channel Manager). Today API is playing a powerful role in connecting hotel system with various online travel portals for Reservation services, Guest Reviews, feedback, Guest complaints management, Payment process, Loyalty data, Wifi Access/Authentication. Guest information keep traveling thru various system/sub-systems by using various API to create a satisfactory pool for all Guest Services without which it is impossible to serve the today’s Guest.
5. Block chain for hospitality industry: The Hospitality and travel industry may have more intermediaries than any other sector, and therefore the Blockchain technology will likely have a foremost disruptive impact on the way travel suppliers and mediators conduct business.
It is certainly that blockchain technology is self-assured to influence processes and roles across the travel ecosystem from maintaining Transparency , complex contract settlement, connect vendors for more loyalty based strategic approach by hoteliers, reduced fraud by showing the identities in deals , IoT can be used for Asset Tracking like guest luggage’s, it will prevent from overbooking having transparent ledgers across the globe, industry can introduce better policy frame working having block chain data in hand.
Blockchain could considerably enhance financial books and accounting for travel companies, which have complex ledgers to track the booking and payments to settle in multiple currencies and countries across the Globe.
6. Other Technologies impacting Hotel Industry:
Technology is playing paramount importance in order to ensure ‘Hotel’s Security’ by enabling Geo fencing, iBeacon, location based services and mobile credential.
Personal data privacy and identity is prime concern for hotel industry and much reliant on IT operations and best practices to follow. The security aspects have to be addressed by expert consultant of InfoSec and Cyber security agencies. Other emerging tech-trends are Virtual Reality & Augmented reality.
All these bringing IT on the centre space and role of IT manager/Head is increasing day-by-day. The IT head has to play multiple role of Business Manager, Hotel Operation Manager, Procurement and Cyber Security, Revenue and Cost optimization process manager.
The belief is very near to have strong acceptance that the future of Hospitality is Technology so the formula discussed on various industrial forums and research organization is ‘Future=Technology’ at Hospitality industry.

Dr. Vijay Choudhary
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
HRH Group of Hotels
Udaipur 313 001, Rajasthan - India

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From a Hotel to an ‘Intelligent Tech-Responsive itHotel’

Revamp Hospitality Business with Technology alignment

Hospitality industry is purely a guest facing industry. The role of the CIO and his tech team is to face the tech aspirations of various stakeholders’ - from customer / guest to the Board / Successor. Business acumen is required to be developed by the IT department for developing the business skills to handle people-processes.

Today, it has become necessary for the Hotel Industry to imbibe the latest technologies which assist them in controlling the costs. No restaurant or hotel owner, in today's environment, can afford to ignore technology. This system synergizes the various levels of hotel operations and creates a profit-rendering business model. This model leads to cost-effectiveness and a changed working atmosphere. Moreover, this needs to be done, regardless of the size of the entity - from a small, low-end standalone restaurant to a high-end, five to seven-star luxury hotel. Today, the use of technology offers range of solutions for effective cost control at operational, financial and strategic level, which can affect the P&L significantly. Studies at various level shows that if CFO and CIO work together on aspects of cost control, they can yield a definite ROI.

Revenue is the ultimate business aspect for everybody in an organization; from the board of directors to the stakeholder. In hospitality industry, revenue optimization is greatly enabled by technology. There have been several case studies published on the success of revenue management techniques. A major trend happening in the hotel technology right now is, the use of social media data and customer review analytics in optimizing distribution and maximizing revenue growth. Community management and engagement on social networks is important. However, when it comes to leveraging the social web to increase revenue in a measurable way, tapping the power of effective revenue strategy would indeed result in measurable ROI. If the hotels are not using technology, like online customer review analytics and trend reports, as part of their revenue management program, they are leaving the money on the table. The big question is: How well are these technologies used?

Business Agility, Strategy, and Customer Delight
With today’s uncertain economic climate and the proliferation of the new and emerging technologies, such as social and mobile computing, landscapes are changing swiftly. Today’s strategic thinkers are preparing their businesses for this, by placing business agility at the heart of strategic planning. An agile organization is the one that can maintain or achieve faster revenue growth in this unpredictable environment, scale resources according to the demand and respond effectively to the changes. The hotel industry has traditionally managed the IT applications and network infrastructure, locally on the property, which led to higher costs associated with having local resources on premises. However, now, many hotels have realized the need for greater operational efficiency and effective Virtualization seems to be the solution.

Other Aspects of the Hospitality Business (employee, partners, security, risk management, succession)
In today's world of 24/7 information access via smart phones and tablets, the next generation of hotel guests expects instant gratification and craves constant connection to the information and services they seek. According to Forrester, online and mobile consumption, as a whole, rose from 29 percent to 40 percent between 2009 and 2013. This has significantly impacted the hospitality industry as hoteliers are facing the challenge of keeping pace with ever-increasing service expectations from the guests through a growing number of outlets. In order to meet these expectations, hospitality organizations are examining the internal processes and looking for new technology platforms to boost the efficiency and speed service to the guests. While the impact of using social media externally is well recognized, the use of social collaboration tools for employee¬ to¬ employee communication is often overlooked. However, this has the potential to be equally, if not more, beneficial for the hoteliers. Hospitality companies should focus the efforts not only on building a social presence externally, but on improving internal productivity and guest services through the latest social platforms for business applications.

Safe-lodging and reputation of the hotel are critical, if not paramount, to ensure success for a single property, hotel or hotel chain. These entities must properly provide for the protection and maintenance of assets. This includes protecting human, physical and intangible assets. A hotel reputation and conduct of business is based on the protection that is offered to the guests, employees, contractors, visitors, physical structure of the premises and all that is contained therein and pertinent to the property. In this era of technology, various options are available to enable security by paramount use of technology in each area of hotel operations. The alignment and understanding team-work between CSO (Chief Security Officer) and CIO (Chief Information officer) is paramount.
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Revamp Hospitality Business with Technology alignment

HRH Group of Hotels launches its IT Company (HRH InfoTech) to serve the hospitality industry better

Having been in the service industry for over four decades now, it is time to serve the hospitality industry in turn putting our deep understanding of this business into practice. The holistic approach is to serve guests with meticulous care and attention the world over, whether at HRH or at other hotels. All our software to serve our hotels, museums, educational institutions, healthcare, etc.

HRH Group of Hotels launches its IT Company (HRH InfoTech) to serve the hospitality industry better
Posted by on Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Having been in the service industry for over four decades now, it is time to serve the hospitality industry in turn putting our deep understanding of this business into practice. The holistic approach is to serve guests with meticulous care and atten

In the recent past, the competence of HRH IT Division has been endorsed by various technological platforms as a winner of various awards including ‘CIO 100 Asia’ at Singapore, ‘CIO Leader – APAC CXO Forum’ at Bangkok, EDGE Awards – Information Week etc. It has gained magnificent attention of international and national, technology as well as hospitality industry media

According to Mr. Vijay Choudhary, Head of IT – “HRH Group of Hotels, with its dedicated team of I.T. professionals, has developed in-house solutions for various verticals of the industry. The innovation is based on what the industry needs and is a driving force for creating better presence in respective markets to serve. With the vision of our Chairman Shriji Arvind Singh ji Mewar, we are always focused on understanding critical aspects of the business and its pain areas, and then fix it using technology solutions as a key driver.”

On this auspicious occasion, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, Chairman and Managing Director of HRH Group of Hotels has also inaugurated the company’s exclusive website and wished the team of HRH InfoTech a grand success.
HRH Group of Hotels launches its IT Company (HRH InfoTech)

HRH Group of Hotels goes mobile!

Mobile is the way to go with swiftly increasing number of people (especially in the age bracket of 16-30) using their smartphones and tablets to browse websites. HRH Group of Hotels has been proactively preserving and presenting heritage to the world.

HRH Group of Hotels goes mobile!
Posted by on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

With the mobile site fully functional and loaded with offers and latest communication from us, we look forward to seeing you on your favourite platform. Now its much simpler and faster for you to reach us. Just hop onto from your mobile, tablet and bingo!

Vijay Choudhary, DY General Manager, IT, HRH Group of Hotels shares his view on Cloud Computing with magazine ITNext

Vijay Choudhary, DY General Manager, IT, HRH Group of Hotels shares his view on Cloud Computing with magazine ITNext in their June 2012 issue.

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Posted by Admin on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Vijay Choudhary, General Manager – Information Technology, HRH Hotels shares his Success Mantra with magazine, IT Next

Vijay Choudhary, General Manager – Information Technology, HRH Hotels shares his Success Mantra with magazine, IT Next

Vijay Choudhary, General Manager – Information Technology, HRH Hotels shares his Success Mantra with magazine, IT Next
Posted by on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

You can also read the text in the article below:

A Soldier in IT

“An MBA (Finance) gives me a bird’s-eye view of an organization, which will help in the role of a CIO,” says Vijay Choudhary, General Manager-IT, HRH Group of Hotels “I found my dream job in IT and consider myself a soldier to serve my country, users and organizations”


“Hailing from Rajasthan, I always dreamed of serving in the Indian defense services from my early school days. In fact ,I got through my CDSE written exams and group discussion. However, due to unfavorable family conditions, I had to give up, “says Choudhary.

“But by God’s grace, I joined IT since I had a B.Sc. in Computer Science; and there have been no regrets so far,” he adds..He later completed his M.Sc. in Computer Science from Udaipur University, “I found my dream job in IT and consider myself a soldier equipped to serve my country, users and organizations.”

In 1996, Choudhary joined the Choksi Group of Companies, Udaipur as EDP in charge and was responsible for process automation for HR. manufacturing and finance .Later, in 1999, he joined the HRH Group “I joined as a programmer during the K2K scenario and had to handle a lot of bugs in the existing software. But I handled them and have since grown in the same company over the last 13 years. Today, I am the GM-IT and responsible for the entire IT implementation –not only within the hotels but also the group’s other companies like education etc.”

IT learning and recognition go parallel, feel Choudhary. “Every day is new day and opens doors to lot of new opportunities for learning –facing new, unexpected problems and designing strategies to solve them. You need to continuously increase your efficiency and stamina like in the Army,” he remarks.

He developed the Central Reservation System (CRS) and Central Management Management (CRM) from scratch. The systems work on the Window Sequel server and all the applications are hosted in the company’s own data center which Choudhary and team setup in Udaipur. He aims to join the excursive club of CIOs over the next few years and says he has been continuously upgrading his skills. In fact, he finished an MBA (Finance) recently and now understands the financial skills required for a CIO. “The MBA gives me a bird view of the organization .while I am already equipped with B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science; these will help in the role of a CIO. I would like to pursue my future in the hospitality industry itself.” he says. He believes that these are the future technologies to look forward to and master: everything As a Service, Cloud, Virtualization, App on demand, Business Intelligence on App, BI with predictive analysis leveraging Big Data advantage, Ipv6 and social network. To overcome stress, he gets up at 4.45am on all week days to practice pranayams/yoga for one and-a-half hours. “But my kids do not allow me to get up early on Sunday.” he jokes.

“Besides, in the middle of my working day. I practice deep breathing at times when I feel overburdened with challenges… it gives me immediate energy.”

Choudhary admires his CMD, Maharana Shriji Arvind Singhji Mewar.”It has been a huge privilege to work with him closely. Also I admire Steve Job’s life history; the great man came from the toughest situation and left us with so much.” he concludes.











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fhrai magazine talks to Vijay Choudhary, GM-IT of HRH Hotels

fhrai (Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India) magazine talks to Vijay Choudhary, General Manager - Information Technology, I.T. Department, HRH Group of Hotels, Eternal Mewar

fhrai magazine talks to Vijay Choudhary, GM-IT of HRH Hotels
Posted by on Thursday, July 26th, 2012

You can also read the content of the entire article below:

“IT Department is a strong ‘Profit-CENTRE’ candidate Bracing up for challenges"
Integrated BI solutions for complete business agility and analysis on top of the PMS, RMS, CRS and MMS.

• Specialized Hospitality cloud services in the form of IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service).

• Desktop virtualisation at key Guest Service areas/Departments like Front Office, Point of Sale (F&B Services) and Housekeeping.

• Increased commoditisation of rooms requires low-cost and integrated single platform comprising of PMS, RMS, OTA inventory management tool to handle market dynamics in more automated ways.

Needs of IT in today’shospitality

The needs could be divided into three different perspectives:

• Business: IT should be completely integrated and part of the corporate strategy in the Hospitality business.

• IT Infrastructure: Has to be deployed looking into the elasticity of demand of IT services, wherein at the supply side, the perishable

IT services are available in the form of Cloud, virtualization technology, etc.

• CIO/Head IT: CIO should have a place in the boardroom to assess, suggest and implement technology keeping pace with the growth and market dynamics.

Products, Services and Trends

• Integrated BI solutions for complete business agility and analysis on top of the PMS, RMS, CRS and MMS.

• Specialised Hospitality cloud services in the form of IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service).

• Desktop virtualisation at key Guest Service areas/Departments like Front Office, Point of Sale (F&B Services) and Housekeeping.

• Increased commoditisation of rooms requires low-cost and integrated single platform comprising of PMS, RMS, OTA inventory management tool to handle market dynamics in more automated ways.

‘IT Department’ as a ‘Revenue Creation’ opportunity

It’s a common perception that the IT department is nothing but a mere cost centre. Now, with the capability of developing new customers, new markets and creating new revenue streams, the IT department can now be seen as a ‘Profit-Centre’. IT as a platform is contributing a lot to hotels getting the property made available on one click of a mouse to the entire world. The hotel website, considered as the face of property, now seems the preferred way of customer acquisition and retention.Social media presence, OTA channels, GDS/IDS all made IT a competitive advantage for greatercustomer reach and retention.

The IT team in synergy with ‘Revenue Department’ can bring in a big difference in terms of growth of revenue, better RevPAR and ADRs.


My concern -(Alignment of business strategy with IT objectives + Incremental IT service delivery expectations) versus (availability of domain expert manpower and its recognition/retention)

Opinion - IT should be considered equal to a main hotel operational department. IT matrices and evaluation parameters should be introduced at various processes like strategic initiatives, brand representation and assessment, customer facing events, budgeting, internal audits and appraisals.

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Vijay Choudhary, GM-IT, HRH Group of Hotels, writes for 'Hotelier India' !

Vijay Choudhary, General Manager - Information Technology, I.T. Department, HRH Group of Hotels, Eternal Mewar, pens down an article for 'Hotelier India' September 2012 Issue.

He talks about 'How heritage hotels provide the perfect blend of old-world and new-age experiences' in the article, "Exploring Heritage, Hospitality and High-tech environments”

Vijay Choudhary, GM-IT, HRH Group of Hotels, writes for ‘Hotelier India’ !
Posted by on Friday, September 14th, 2012

You can also read the content of the entire article below:

Exploring Heritage, Hospitality and High-tech environments

How heritage hotels provide the perfect blend of old-world and new-age experiences.

– By Vijay Choudhary, Head IT, HRH Group of Hotels

Blending tradition with innovation, technol¬ogy is a must-have for resource optimisation, monitoring, customer acquisition and guest-feedback processing for the heritage hotel industry. It finds applications in this sector for man, machine and materials. In heritage hotels, we need to continuously look for av¬enues to fulfill our promises of delivering perfectly gracious In¬dian hospitality, in part through high-tech technology.

Travellers’ needs do not begin or end with the amenities like room, food, laundry or spa, but with technology like high-speed wi-fi to experience better info¬tainment and luxury. At heritage properties, mostly located in remote areas, providing uninter¬rupted technology is a big chal¬lenge. The connectivity technol¬ogy in the hospitality industry, including VSAT and high-speed broadband using radio frequen¬cies, are preferred in these areas.
Technologies that are being implemented among heritage brands tend to be dependent on the a number of key initiatives and areas, that I list below.

It is always a big challenge to install and deploy necessary IT infrastruc¬ture, especially when it comes to laying and connecting cables for various services, and keep the prop¬erty’s architecture undamaged. the physical-layer infrastructure are basically consist of a number of technological components.

All guest services start process¬ing from the first point of demand generation, such as from the heri¬tage hotel’s website. Prospective visitors look for value in terms of both a heritage experience and the availability of technology-driven services. Similarly, back-end services, which guests may not experience directly, are prime factors for effi¬cient operations. These include an automated process flow for service delivery using integrated software that covers eCRM, cen¬tral reservations systems, front-office management, point of sales, housekeeping, laundry, back-end accounting and finance, material management and HRM. This workflow is automated keeping in mind the three As: accessibil¬ity, accountability and authorisa¬tion, and is accelerated towards quick and efficient service to heri¬tage hotel guests. It also delivers a way to monitor various KPIs in terms of RevPAR, ADRs, future projections and occupancy, cost and consumption per unit of efficiency.

Across heritage properties, there is major communication deploy¬ment which takes place: IP phones, high-speed wi-fi, voice¬mail and social-platform enabled HDTVs. Surveillance enabled by tech¬nology through CCTV moni¬toring systems is necessary for properties that have guests, in-room guests, staff and service-providers constantly coming in. Digital security policies are being implemented and infrastructure is building up to keep the delicate nature of the architecture of heri¬tage properties in mind. Also being considered steadily are P2P videoconferencing solu¬tions, audio-video infrastruc¬ture, modern BMS comprising of fire alarms, energy monitoring, access control, biometric finger print machines for monitoring, control and compliance for the ultimate benefit of guests. HI The writer is deputy general man¬ager – information technology at the IT department of HRH Group of Hotels.

Global communication and technology has transformed the way heritage hotels market themselves. More steps are bgeing taken for greater property visibility within global markets to generate customer demand. These include:
• Adopting web strategies, competing at OTA/GDS/IDS platforms, e-marketing initia¬tives, integration of online payment gateways through websites, bulk SMS campaign¬ing, eNewsletters, e-greetings and brand-building using social media platforms. • Integrated BI tools are being used for revenue optimisation and monitoring, and building demands through technology.

Critical success factors for technology at heritage properties:
• A technology roadmap and strategy should be in complete sync with business strategies, clearly defined roles and ROI matrices.
• The CIO or technology head should directly report to the board of directors.
• Information and awareness of regulatory compliance to the technology department.
• Competency of the IT team, with domain expertise of the industry.
• A considerable stakeholder acceptance level and technological awareness.

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Vijay Choudhary, DGM-IT, HRH Hotels shares views in magazine IT NEXT

Posted by on Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Vijay Choudhary, DGM-IT, HRH Hotels shares views in magazine IT NEXT

Image gallery

Leadership Next 100’ column of ITNext Sept 2012 issue

Mr. Vijay Choudhary, DGM-IT, HRH Group Of Hotels talks about his Dream Project, Dream Industry, Dream Courses and Dream Role in the ‘Leadership Next 100′ Column of ITNext, September 2012 Issue.

‘Leadership Next 100’ column of ITNext Sept 2012 issue'
Posted by on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

You can also read the article here:

“My dream role would be that of a ‘CIO’ sitting in the co-driver’s seat, helping the CEO to drive business agility and transformation”

Your Dream Project

I have always aspired to lead a dream project whenever I notice business problems and then tried my best to apply technology to fix it. Being in the hospitality industry and management of IT infrastructure, my dream project is something which can be a BI tool, where in the system draws up the future strategies, while taking inputs from the environment, industry, research organisations, in-house data. It will be about coping with Big Data advantage and its analytical capabilities.

Your Dream industry

The service industry accounts for the maximum in our GDP growth. Hospitality and tourism is one of the prime drivers of this segment, and I have been working in this segment for the past 13 plus years, it’s my favorite as technology is always at the forefront playing a big role. The reasons I love to be part of the hospitality industry are:

Exposure: Being in the hospitality industry, we face/learn about varied processes/people/technology stakeholders.

Unique Work flow integration: The IT department is like an organisation in itself,running within an organisation. Even the smallest department is integrated with the main core application/platform because the most important factor is uninterrupted guest services.

Respect given to IT: High and deserving.

Team work: In this sector, the team’s work is immediately reflected in quick ‘guest/client feedback.’ It’s required as a strong KPI measuring business insight.

Dream Courses\Certifications

I have enrolled myself for research, for a Ph.D. I also plan to do ITIL, CISM and PMP, the globally accredited and accepted certifications. To achieve academic excellence and to acquire a research mindset, I am pursuing my dream course – a Ph.D. and getting into intricacies of how research work is done. The aim is to cover various methodologies, report writing, study statistics and analytics, mentor the next generation of IT leaders and beneficiary communities. The Ph.D. is already under way. I will start on other professional certifications from January 2013 onwards.

Your Dream Role

My dream role would be that of a ‘CIO’ sitting in the co-driver’s seat helping the CEO towards complete business agility/transformation/innovation. I’ll look forward to wearing a business cap in addition to technology responsibility. It is indeed my favorite, as it offers greater space for innovation. ITNext has already geared me up by bestowing the ITnext100 award in 2011. As a Next100 winner. I was able to recognize my potential and I am now putting in more efforts to understand what inventory of skills really matters to reach a CIO’s position
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IT NEXT Issue of May’2012 features DGM-IT of HRH Group of Hotels

Posted by on Monday, May 28th, 2012

IT NEXT Issue of May’2012 features Vijay Choudhary, Dy. General Manager – Information Technology, I.T. Department of HRH Group of Hotels

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Online Travel Technology: Dominance or Disruption?

Online Travel Technology: Dominance or Disruption? written by Mr Vijay Chowdhary, Head IT, HRH Group of Hotels was featured on the critically acclaimed Hospitality consultant magazine “Consultant Review”, where Mr Vijay speaks on the opportunities an

Online Travel Technology: Dominance or Disruption?
Posted by on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

You can read the entire article below:

CIO Review showcases HRH Infotech

In today’s day and age, technology and hospitality cannot be thought of as separable. Not just the guests and the hotel staff but also the business numbers benefit from the technology platforms that the industry has begun to use. With the social media stealing the show for a number of hotels and shifting focus on external presence, Vijay Choudhary, GM-IT, HRH Group of Hotels, re-emphasises the significance of strengthening the internal systems alongwith.

CIO Review showcases HRH Infotech
Posted by on Thursday, October 29th, 2015

CIO Review, a well read tech-magazine of India showcases the article in its October issue. Click on the thumbnails below to read through the article that got many eyeballs right after!

Image gallery

HRH Infotech @ CeBIT India throwing light on how digital media can make the hospitality industry smile

The IT arm of HRH Group of Hotels, HRH InfoTech is busy widening its worldwide reach and visibility. Not too long ago, the team was invited by HATT Forum (Hospitality – Healthcare – Aviation – Travel & Tourism) and CeBIT India to a panel discussion on ‘Leveraging Digital to enhance customer experiences in the Hospitality Industry’.

HRH Infotech @ CeBIT India throwing light on how digital media can make the hospitality industry smile
Posted by on Saturday, June 13th, 2015

The event was held at White Orchid Convention Centre, Hebbal Road, Bengaluru – India on 12 June 2015. Mr. Vijay Choudhary, Head IT shared his experience on how technology, in today’s day and age, can help hospitality businesses achieve optimisation while enhancing customer experience simultaneously. Another key thought shared was how technology has become a growth catalyst for the hospitality sector thereby arriving at the vision behind HRH InfoTech.

The panel discussion was attended by several IT Heads of hospitality groups from Bangalore and was well received by the audience which comprised of top-notch hoteliers and the associated

HRH Infotech in full swing with knowledge sharing

HRH InfoTech, the IT arm of HRH Group of Hotels organised a session of HR software solution at Pacific University for its MBA (HR) students and HR faculties.
On an invitation from Dr. Shankar Choudhary (Training and Placement Coordinator) Pacific University – Udaipur (PAHER), HRH InfoTech team comprising of Mr. Vijay Choudhary, General Manager IT, Mr. Ajay Nagar Manager HR, Mr. Rajendra Sharma Asst. Systems Analyst visited the campus of Pacific University.

HRH Infotech in full swing with knowledge sharing
Posted by on Monday, June 8th, 2015

HRH InfoTech with an objective of collaboration with Academia and to connect with future managers conducted an awareness programme. Mr. Vijay Choudhary led the way in sharing the vision of HRH InfoTech by means of a presentation on various software solutions. He covered how software enabled processes are playing a key role in enterprise HR management, touched various points including Employee Information Management, Talent Acquisitions, Compensation Administration and various Statutory Compliance Reports by adopting automated processes in terms of HR-Payroll software solution for a Centralized HR Department.

The session was well received as a great learning experience by all participating students and faculties. On this initiative Dr. B.P. Sharma, President of Pacific University (PAHER) met with the HRH team and expressed his gratitude towards HRH Group of Hotels and expected a continued industrial updates to their faculty team members as well as students. Mr. Sharma wished that Industry and academia join hands for filling the gap between talent and opportunity and continue the efforts for a win-win.

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HRH Infotech is ready to spread industry best practices to the world

HRH Group of Hotels, India’s only chain of Heritage Palace-Hotels and Resorts under private ownership has diversified with its foray into Software and IT services to serve Hospitality, Leisure, Travel, Tourism & Education industries for their different needs of process automation and achieving greater agility in their businesses. Current applications available off the shelf are:

HRH Infotech is ready to spread industry best practices to the world
Posted by on Friday, February 28th, 2014

  • Hotel Management System
  • Central Reservations System
  • eCRM & Sales Force Automation
  • Materials Management System
  • Human Resources Information System
  • Museum Management System
  • School Management System

This venture is being mentored by Mr. Ajay K. Dhir, Chairman and Founder, Oranda Global, APAC (Asia Pacific) CXO Forum and MENA (Mid East and Africa) CXO Forum for Strategy, Branding, Talent, Processes etc. and to create reach and visibility for its Software products & services in India as well as Asia Pacific & MENA region.

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