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Other Software Solutions

Contacts Management System

Contacts Management System

This software maintains personal/business contacts in such a way that it is easy to trace & retrieve as per need. The extensive database gives information to make the PR department stronger, more productive and increase it’s efficiency.

Some highlights / features.
  • Extensive database of personal / business contacts
  • Two level Categorization of contacts on professionalism etc..
  • Source image scan & map with the contact
  • Activity monitoring by user logs.
  • Events alerts, Attendance/Management
  • Post Label generation/printing in different styles.
  • Update management through emails , online forms.
  • Various reports; Mailing list, Invitation, Birthday – Anniversary alert, Occasion Attendance, Dynamic searching.

Fixed Asset Inventory Management System (IMS)

Inventory Management System

It offers Centralized inventory control at head office for all the operational units/branches. System keeps track of each item from its procurement to its placement/consumption.

Some highlights / features.
  • Multiunit Functionality, multi level stock maintenance.
  • Inter Unit, Inter departmental transfers
  • Auto Consolidated ledgers
  • Item Movement tracking
  • Item images tagging
  • Extensive reporting like stock statements, Item Ledgers, Consumption, Movement ledgers

Repair & Maintenance monitoring system

Repairs & Maintenance monitoring system

RnM is a big cost for any industry having heavy installation of plant & machinery. It requires timely monitoring of AMC provider performance, Preventive maintenance, insurance policy records / renewal etc. An effective system can streamline the processes & reduce RnM cost greatly.

Some highlights / features.
  • Interlinked with the Inventory Management System so that any new item is added via Inventory only
  • Unique Serial number for each item & subsequent Ledgers
  • Multiunit / Location item mapping
  • Plant & Machinery Preventive Maintenance scheduling & Alerts
  • Equipments AMC, AMC visit scheduling & Alerts
  • Insurance policy record management, expiration notices.
  • Surveyor master information
  • Reports: Detailed Item Ledger, variance analysis scheduled v/s actual Preventive Maintenance, Item History Card, Pending activity report, RnM alerts

Fleet Management System

Garage Management System

Records of all vehicle of the estate, pool wise definitions, chauffeur details, Reminder for renewal of Vehicle Registration/ Insurance policy/Permit/Fitness etc., Consumable & Spare Parts management, Fuel Stock monitoring

Media Information System

Media Information System

It keeps stock of media related information like newspaper clippings, magazine articles, photographs, albums, booklets & brochures etc. Extensive categorization, searching & reporting features.

Music Inventory System

Music Inventory System

Personal Music collection to maintains album details, artists, tracks, placements of the albums in cabinet/drawer/rack for fast access, Various report & search options.

Receipt & Dispatch Management System

Receipt & Dispatch Management System

A document management system which keeps track of all correspondence of an office. The letters/documents of inward/outward are recorded/ numbered. Storage of letters in files, drawer, and cabinet are mapped so that instant access is possible. Extensive search & reporting module is available.

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