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Material Management System

Integrated Material Management Software Suite


It is a complete solution for managing Material Requirement Planning, Approvals, Procurement, Receipts & Inspections, Storage & Preservation etc and controlling the flow of materials from their initial purchase through internal operations, to the service point through distribution.

  • Central Procurement (Purchase Department)
  • Central Receiving Store
  • Central Store/Operation Store/Central Uniform Store/Central Bar Cost Store
  • Individual Department Stores
  • Right quality
  • Right quantity of supplies
  • At the right time, place and cost
  • Simplicity : - User can access application without any complex training, the system is user friendly with simple installation.
  • Monitoring : - Monitoring of Material Incoming and Outgoing with proper approval levels according to Department and Role.
  • Online Working : - Material Incoming monitoring feature available with Online Module for Material.
  • Centralization : - Central Purchase, Central Store, Central Uniform Store, Central Receiving Store, Central Bar Cost Control
  • Security : - Application Authentication with User name and password for offline and online module for every Application User.
  • Multi Unit/ Multi Property Store : - Single Application can maintain Multi Unit Store / Multi Property Store with their departmental store also.

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