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Internal IT Management Systems

Internal IT Management Systems

Hardware Management System

Contacts Management System

Hardware Management System is a software solution which is very useful for the IT department of an organization as it keeps track of all the computer hardware, peripherals and items. It also contains the detail of inventory of hardware items available with every user.

Key Features:
  • Maintaining hardware inventory.
  • User item information.
  • Quick searching and tracking of items.
  • Reporting

Call Management System

Call Management System is a system which is very efficient in tracking daily calls by users and transferring the calls to engineers for resolution.

Key Features:
  • Helpful in keeping track of all user calls.
  • Transferring calls to engineer.
  • Searching and Reporting.

Network Management System

Network management system is a system usefull in monitoring intranet network related issued.

Key Features:
  • Network Monitoring.
  • Finding disconnected end point.
  • Checking intranet connectivity.

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