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Human Resource Information System

Integrated Human Resource Information System

Human Resource Information System

A complete suite for Human Resources Management covering various processes of HR Department like Payroll, Attendance Monitoring interfaced with ARS, Online Leave Management, Overtime Management, Online Duty Rosters etc, Training & Development, Recruitment and Appraisal etc. Our HRIS packages provide businesses with a means by which they can keep track of their Human Resources in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Features of Our HRIS
  • Fully parameterized administration on users/ department / compensation/nature of employment
  • Extensive personal/career/past employment information master
  • Leave Application / Holiday / Out Duty Management
  • Time office and attendance monitoring
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking
  • Complete Payroll
  • Resume Management
Modules of HRIS


The admin module is the central controller of the system where the HR Manager or other appointed personnel perform all system administration tasks. This includes defining organization structure‚ pay scale, maintaining information and other information that serves as the backbone for the rest of the system. Security issues are taken care of through this module as well as by defining user rights and permissions.

Key Features:
  • Have an organized company structure by defining company info, locations, organization structure, and company property management.
  • Keep a note of your employee's skills (Skills‚ Languages), know employees' memberships and membership types, to identify the most appropriate individual for a designation.
  • Create User types in the system and define user rights to them, to allow employees to access the system at any time, while preserving the confidentiality of other employee information.
  • Configure and subscribe for E-mail Notifications to receive updates made to the system concurrently.
  • It also has centralized masters so that consolidated reporting is possible for the Group.

Personal Information – Employee Master

A complete employee information management system which acts as a central employee database. This enables HR administrators to utilize all employee information productively.

Key Features:
  • Populate and manage the employees personal information in a centralized location, thus preventing data loss.
  • Manage & update employees contact information within the employees record itself.
  • Manage employees job information by selecting the relevant pay grade, salary etc.
  • Assign supervisors to an employee to identify the reporting structure.
  • Know employees past work experience, educational details, skills and other criteria which was pre-defined in the Admin module.
  • View employee details in the employee list and search using different employee information.
  • Generate Customized employee reports which may include any selected criteria within the PIM module.
Leave Management

Leave Application/Holiday/Out Duties Management

A comprehensive Leave and Holiday management module‚ with extensive possibilities of defining leave types and more on units/ department/ employee. It enables staff holiday requests & approval processing online.

Key Features:
  • Define leave types relevant to your organization/Unit.
  • Displays information on leave entitlement, leave time, balance, history and paid time off all in a single screen.
  • Define Days-off (staff holiday planning).
  • Allows employees to apply for leave directly from the system and supervisors may approve or reject leave.
  • The system sends out auto e-mail notifications to employees and supervisors on leave status.
  • Integrated with Central Reservation System
Time ANd Attendence Module Features

Time office and attendance

This module automates time office related processes. The offered functionality enhances the organization's performance by eliminating paperwork and manual processes associated with project timekeeping and attendance management. This sophisticated module helps to efficiently organize employee data‚ improve the workforce management and minimize errors in enforcement of company's attendance policies.

Key Features:
  • Create timesheets to monitor the statuses of project tasks relevant to each employee.
  • Define Days-off (weekends and specific holidays).
  • Attendance tracking with more control and clear reporting for HR administrators and managers.
  • Integrated with Biometric Attendance Reservation System.
e)	Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking :

Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking :

A comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process. This module allows HR professionals to streamline the entire applicant tracking process effectively.

Key Features:
  • Archiving candidate/applicant database for future use with Resume Module.
  • Assign system rights to hiring managers for job vacancies.
  • Keyword tagging for advanced applicant screening.
  • Online recruiting via our website synchronised with HRIS
  • Resume parsing – search for phrases or keywords within a resume.
Payroll Module Features

Payroll and Salary Administration Module

A complete Payroll module is also integrated with our core HRIS. You can generate salary just after time punching by employee. A single click will provide you required information.

  • Integrated with Time Office Module
  • Very simple Salary Generation Process.
  • All Customized and Dynamic Reports (more than 200 reports are available).
  • All PF/ESIC/Bank (Salary Transfer Statement) reports.

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